EU pig prices in 2009: 8% decrease

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EU pig prices in 2009: 8% decrease

For the six countries with most pigs in the EU, 2009 has not been a very good year as pig prices were clearly lower than the year before that. In comparison to 2008 pig prices were 4 to 11% lower, the annual price comparison of the German pig organisation ISN showed.

For these countries, Spain, Germany, Poland, the Netherlands, France and Denmark, this equals €0.06 to more than €0.16/kg slaughterweight less. In total, these countries keep 68% of all pigs in Europe in 2009.

Price data
The figures are based upon price data, collected by ISN throughout the year from thirteen EU member states. The prices are corrected to a price for 1 kg slaughterweight per standard pig.

The highest price in 2009 fell in summer as at that time, the average price was €1.36/kg slaughterweight – a year-on-year 10% difference as in 2008 the maximum was €1.47. Lower feed costs may have put less strain on pig producers, but these did not compensate for lower prices paid for pigs, the ISN writes on its website.

Spanish pig prices
Spain showed the least price change, with only a 4% reduction. Germany came second with ‘only’ a 10% price decrease. Taking monetary fluctuation into account, prices paid per finisher of 94 kg have fallen over €13.

In 2009, Spain came at number 1, with Germany and Poland at the number 2 and 3 slots, see Table 1. German and Polish prices ended up being reasonably similar over the whole year 2009, although the Polish pig prices lost most throughout the year (-11%).©

Pig prices in Germany
Germany has remained the leading pig price index in Europa. Just like in previous years, the Dutch pig price index referred to the German prices, being two cents lower than in Germany. This way the Netherlands can control their own market and prevent too many Dutch exports to Germany.

France, Denmark: lower pig prices
France and Denmark ended up in the last regions of these six countries. In Denmark, prices were about €0.08 lower than in Germany and even almost €0.17 lower than in Spain. Prices paid per pig are therefore almost €16 less than in Spain. This difference between the lowest and the highest country thus grew in 2009.

As a reason, Danish pork processor Danish Crown needs a mention, as it has long-term contracts with its pig producers.

Pork expectations
This year, Germany is expected to have a self-sufficiency rate of 110% and thus focus on exports in 2010. In the whole of Europe, this year more pig production is accounted for. Exports to Russia are expected to be lower in January in comparison to previous months, but as from February a rise is expected, as increased consumption cannot keep up with own production.

Table 1. EU pig price comparison, 2009, for the six most important pig countries in the EU.

©20082009©in €©in %
1. Spain1.521.46-0.06-4%
2. Germany1.511.37-0.14-10%
3. Poland1.531.37-0.16-11%
4. Netherlands1.481.35-0.17-9%
5. France1.441.32-0.12-8%
6. Denmark1.371.29-0.08-5%

Source: ISN
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