EU: Bayer biotech soybeans approved for import

09-09-2008 | |

The European Union has authorised imports of a genetically modified soybean type for sale across its 27 national markets for the next 10 years, the European Commission has announced.

The soybean, marketed by Bayer under codename A2704-12, will be imported into EU markets either as whole soybeans, oil or meal, and then processed by European companies for use in food and animal feed. The soybean which is developed to resist glufosinate herbicides, is not intended to be grown in Europe’s fields.
Heavily dependant
Europe’s livestock and feed manufacturing industries are heavily dependant on imported soy products — beans, meal — as a source of protein-rich and high-quality feed.
EU law allows for rubberstamp GMO authorisations when ministers cannot agree after a certain time. Since 2004, the Brussels-based European Commission has approved a string of GM products, nearly all maize, in this way, outraging green groups.
While the EU has now approved a string of GM products by default rubberstamp, it does not yet allow the presence of any other GMO on EU territory, even in tiny amounts, until the EU approval for that specific GM product is granted.

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