EU: animal transport temperature debate

08-01-2007 | |

Within the European Union a discussion is going on about minimum and maximum temperatures when transporting live animals.

The Commission is said to be aiming at determining maximum and minimum outside temperatures for every animal and age – be it cattle, pigs or horses.

Several companies in the transport industry have already expressed their worries that some transport might not be allowed as a whole during several parts of the year would these proposals turn into law.

Meat transports

Animal welfare organisations have been urging these kinds of measures for a long time – they prefer animal transports to be restricted to meat transports as much as possible.

The European Livestock and Meat Trading Union does not agree – as the association does not understand why rules during transports need to be stricter than on-farm rules.

Tightened rules

The discussion about animal transports is an ongoing one. As from January 5th, EU has stepped up its rules for animal transports.

The rules apply to vehicles transporting animals for a period longer than eight hours.

New rules include:
• Presence of climatising equipment
• Presence of drinking equipment
• No transport of animals in the latest part of gestation
• No transport of newly-born animals
• Certification for those responsible for animal transports
• Installation of a GPS system

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