ESF started on new Hungarian pig farm

02-11-2009 | |

Austrian Nedap dealer Firma Bräuer completed in western Hungary a total new pig farm in early October 2009. The farm, set-up for 1200 productive sows, will be housing the gestating sows in large groups.

The layout of the group housing exists out 10 Nedap Velos ESF stations, in two sets connected to a central separation unit. This layout allows optimal sow routing throughout the pen to ensure maximum calmness between sows.

Electronic Sow Feeding, ESF was choosing for its many economical advantages. It allows the lowest investment per sow combined with individual feed management. It also minimises labour effort to manage pregnant sows. As a bonus, the well conditioned sows develop better physically, allowing a higher number of well developed live born piglets.

Not only does Nedap ESF equip this farm to feed their DanBred sows to the highest levels of productivity. It is also prepared for future developments in feed availability. Nedap ESF can quickly adapt to changing feed levels of compositions.

The pig operation, spread over 50.000 sqm, can also occupy near to 6000 weaners, 10.000 fatteners and has a 1000 head gilt development unit.

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