EPA approves balEnceTM Biopesticide for US swine market

19-06-2009 | |

balEnceTM Biopesticide Liquid Spray and balEnceTM Biopesticide Bait have been approved for sale to the swine market by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). balEnceTM Biopesticide Spray and Bait are organic, all natural, safe and effective biopesticides that specifically target flies according to distributer Terregena Inc.

As balEnce™ is organic, manure from those swine producers using balEnce™ may be used as fertiliser on organic farms. With the approval by the EPA of balEnceTM for livestock, Terregena began marketing balEnceTM to the swine market and introduced the products in early June 2009 at the World Swine Expo in Des Moines, Iowa generating a positive response from swine producers and industry professionals.

The active ingredient in both balEnce™ Spray and balEnce™ Bait is a naturally occurring fungus (Beauveria bassiana).© This fungus is a host specific pathogen that targets and kills flies but does not affect humans, swine, pets or the environment. balEnce™, the all natural biopesticide, will replace chemical treatments for the control of flies.

balEnceTM Biopesticide Spray and Bait have been EPA approved and available for sale to the poultry market for years.

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