Envit Capital acquires Irish Pork Rib Company

04-11-2008 | |

The Envit Capital Group, a financial holding company for financial entities, has completed the acquisition of a 5% ownership in Rib World. Rib World is a state-of-the-art pre package pork processing operation, based in Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland. The company concentrates on producing pre package pork ribs.

Rib World has just come off one of its best months ever in October 2008, selling over 750,000 Euro in rib sales. Rib World calls on many years of experience of operational meat production. The plant is designed to produce a high-quality, unique pork products for the European markets. Rib World was founded in 2003 by Bo Nielsen and partners.

Chairman and CEO Edward M. Laborio said today, “Rib World is an acquisition that we are very proud to announce. The growth of Rib World in the past 24 months has been amazing and because of the limitless potential of the company we have entered into an agreement to acquire an additional percentage of Rib World, when and if parameters have been satisfied on Envit Capital’s behalf. At his time we are not able to divulge the details of the deal or acquisition in order to honour the request of Rib World’s private company status. These details will be released at a later date when approved by Rib World.”

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