Egebjerg to participate at Nutrifair

12-01-2012 | |
Egebjerg to participate at Nutrifair

From 25 to 26 January 2012 Egebjerg International will participate in the new Danish agriculture exhibition, NutriFair, with news and information.

NutriFair is Denmark’s new special exhibition for suppliers and buyers from the animal production industry. And Egebjerg International will be present with the latest equipment for the future pig production.
Ready for 2013
NutriFair is the last possibility for putting an order to be ready for group housed sows in 2013.
“In more than 15 years we have made free access stalls for group housed sows. Our stalls have continuously been tested by leading pig producers. And now we have got a new perfect model for future housing systems with group housed sows,” says Mr. Carsten Rasmussen, market manager at Egebjerg.
When the sow enters an open stall, it affects a front wing, which automatically closes the rear gate, which locks. Now she is safe. The sow leaves the stall by activating a mechanism when she moves backwards against the rear gate, which unlocks. Furthermore the stalls can be opened and closed centrally. It is also possible to close the individual stalls manually, if you want to separate a sow from the group.
The company will also present some other new products at NutriFair 2012. “We have developed a new tiltable trough for farrowing crates which contributes to increased hygiene in the pen and releases a great amount of resources concerning the daily care and cleaning,” says Carsten Rasmussen. With a quick pull you tilt the trough and empty it for old feedstuff. When it is easy you get it done and when it is done the sow is more motivated to eat the fresh feedstuff. This stimulates the sows’ milk production which increases the weight of the weaners.
Another new trough from Egebjerg is developed to their well-known Combi Farrowing pen for loose sows. It’s a trough developed for the corner of the pen. This gives the sow extra space, less waste of feed stuff and less dirt in the pen.
For finishers, where you need more air-flow through the pen, the company developed an open pen partition wall which is faced against the walking area. The pen partition wall consists of a 50 cm profile in the bottom and five pipes in the top. This prevents dirt to get out on the aisle and allows air to flow into the pen.
NutriFair is organized by the Fredericia Exhibition Center and a strong exhibition committee consisting of suppliers, backed up by the National Association of Danish Pig Producers and Advance Registration and Performance Control (RYK).
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