Egebjerg introduces extra security for group housed sows

07-09-2011 | |
Egebjerg introduces extra security for group housed sows

Danish livestock equipment company Egebjerg International has introduced an innovation to their free access stall concepts, assuring extra security for the welfare of sows.

The solution has been presented as a remedy to a well-known welfare problem related to stalls and group housed sows: Animals trying to enter an occupied stall. The company’s existing locking system does prevent this when the rear gate is closed, but when two sows try to enter a stall virtually simultaneously, problems could occur.

The Danish company has therefore introduced a patented bar with a spring. This two metre bar stretches from the stall’s front gate to the rear gate and holds the rear gate closed when a sow is inside.

Should another sow try to get access before the first sow closes the rear gate, the bar frustrates their attempt – and no harm is done – see illustration.

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