EC complains about Spanish abattoirs

16-08-2007 | |
EC complains about Spanish abattoirs

Many animals in Spain are not being transported or slaughtered according to European guidelines, a European research showed.

The report was published by the Food and Veterinary Office (FVO), the European Commission’s veterinary control organisation. The office made an investigation into animal welfare in Spanish abattoirs in March 2007.

Spain did make progress in comparison to an earlier investigation back in 2003; however, still a lot needs to be improved in the slaughterhouses, the FVO says. The animals are treated roughly and they are hardly anaesthesised prior to slaughter – sometimes it even does not happen at all.

The FVO also commented that circumstances are bad for mainly poultry while transported towards the slaughtering facility.

This situation can continue because there is not much control in the slaughterhouses.

In addition, the FVO found that controlling was very hard as every district has a control system of its own. In Catalonia (known for its pig production) and Extremadura there is no legal penalty for breaking the rules for animal welfare.

A similar report on Germany showed that circumstances at German pig and layer farms are a lot better. The FVO made inspections in the beginning of the year.

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