Dutch veterinary practices launch cooperation

01-10-2008 | |

Several veterinary businesses in the East of the Netherlands will join together in a new cooperation, called De Oosthof, as from October 1st.

The new initiative, combining several practices near the towns of Hellendoorn, Neede, Lichtenvoorde, Groenlo and Eibergen, include 30 full-time veterinarians, of which 10 are specialised pig vets and 10 specialised dairy vets.

The new cooperation focuses on business with larger farms in Eastern and Northern Netherlands and hopes to achieve this through cooperation and knowledge transfer.

Key points in the new firm’s approach will be prevention through management – using vaccines and antibiotics carefully, but whenever necessary to continue the farm animals’ health status.

The new cooperation is a joint effort of three hitherto independent veterinary practices, that have been working together since 2003. The new initiative is an indication of an increasing amount of competitiveness in the Dutch veterinary market.

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