Dutch town desires to stop ravaging boars

26-07-2007 | |

The Dutch town of Epe has announced to use drastic measures to get rid of a group of wild boars pillaging the town at night.

Yesterday, the city council said it would revert to shooting the animals within the city limits if conventional measures like scaring the animals off by using fireworks and artificial light would not help to get rid of the animals at all.

Demolishing gardens
The animals pay visits to the town at night, searching for food, while demolishing gardens, parks and posing a real threat for nocturnal traffic. Many inhabitants felt they had to build fences around their properties for prevention purposes.

A council spokeswoman said, “In the past the boars stuck to the woods, but this year they have found the town itself.” The authorities estimate that the total number of wild boars causing the problems is about 25.

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