Dutch supermarket giant recognised for animal welfare in pork production

20-12-2011 | |

50% of the standard pork range from supermarket giant Lidl received a 1 Star which recognises animal welfare in the production of the meat.

‘Beter Leven’ awarded the star to the range, they are a Dutch organisation which encourages farmers to give animals a better life and make animal welfare a priority.
According to Beter Leven, the more improvements pork producers make to the welfare of the animals, the more stars they get for their products. It is seen as a sustainable and viable solution for farmers, supermarkets and consumers.
As of January, 65% of pork meat will be recognised with the 1 Star. Lidl regards this recognition as a good start that will lead to the entire range being awarded.

Since 2007, Lidl has been receiving pigs which are no longer castrated. And now, it has been recognised that each ‘Beter Leven’ pig has more space, as part of animal welfare.


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