Dutch start up pig integration for producers

22-04-2009 | |

Dutch pig producer Johnny Hogenkamp has announced the start of a pig producer integration, called FarmFocus, Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

The move is exceptional since pig production in the Netherlands is largely based on family structures, with on average smaller numbers of sows than for example in the United States, where large integrations have been existing for a long time.

According to Hogenkamp, an integration will offer a number of advantages for producers and the surrounding businesses, like minimising overhead costs and a more structured management. Independence of pig producers within FarmFocus will be maintained, Hogenkamp says – and producers still can choose their own genetics, feed, health products and markets.

The new integration will start with a test phase which will include several pig production sites and a number of suppliers. After summer, all producers can join the integration, either individually or as a group.

There are conditions for joining, for both the industry as the producers. Hogenkamp says, “We have to create a win-win situation; that is the basis of the agreement.” His breeding farm is one of the production sites that will join the test phase.

The Dutch producer has been launching a plea for integrations in the Netherlands for a while now, as this would increase efficiency in production. Success can be achieved for those producers that can start a cooperation with each other and suppliers.