Dutch Road Show about animal production held in Mexico

25-10-2011 | |

From 25 September until 2 October 2011 VIV Worldwide organised a Dutch Road Show about animal production in Mexico.

The Road Show was staged in co-operation with the Netherlands Embassy through its Agricultural Office. During this tour the states of Jalisco, Guanajato and Querétaro were visited.
The program included company visits to relevant Mexican producers such as Posta el Cuatro, Granja Villarica, Empresas Guadalupe, Fomesa, Avipor, Proan, Kekén and Euronutec.  In addition two Holland Days with seminars and matchmaking were organised.
Diego Pineda, Manager Latin America of Orffa International/Excentials: “The Road Show Mexico was a very strong marketing tool in order to present Dutch products and technologies to the Mexican market in a very open and direct way with top players of the swine and poultry segments.”
Jos Janssen, Area Manager Americas of Ottevanger Feed Milling Engineers: “The Road Show was  an excellent way to improve brand awareness  for Ottevanger in Mexico. During the matchmaking sessions we met many interesting new sales prospects. We are now also much closer to our first contract, which will provide an outstanding reference in Mexico.”
Erwin Prinzen, Area Sales Manager Latin America  of MPS/AQUA: “Mexico is a growing market with large investment possibilities and increasing environmental awareness. This event provide me with new contacts with other Dutch companies and a better view of mentality, plant design and market approach for the Mexican market.”
The cooperation between the VIV, FIGAP and the Agricultural Counselor will be continued next year with a Holland pavilion and a special program during  the exhibition  FIGAP/VIV Mexico 2012 from 17-19 October in Guadalajara.
Source: VIV