Dutch renew discussion on wild boar shooting

14-10-2008 | |

The massive shooting of wild boars is not the right solution to solve the problems related to overpopulation in the Dutch nature area of the Veluwe, a biologist claims.

According to Marcel Vossestein, biologist, the number of pigs will increase rapidly due to the shooting – instead of decrease. He says, “Almost all wild boar populations have become unstable. Survival possibilities have been existing for decades and all of a sudden man endeavours to reduce the population to half its size.”

Last year, the number of wild boars in the area in the heart of the Netherlands, was said to have increased rapidly, causing excessive nuisance for traffic and residents. After a severe debate, even in Parliament, a decision was made to reduce the number of wild boars to 860 by shooting.

Nature does not permit that as sow fertility has increased, Vossestein now says. “A wild boar was reported to have 2.2 piglets in the nineties. This year we can see it has moved up to 4.4 and in the National Park De Hoge Veluwe it moved up to 5.7.”

He says in his view, a number of 3,000 wild boars would be ideal. In addition, the shooting of wild boars should happen in the rims of the forest, he says. “The wild boars should experience the heart of the forests as safe havens.”

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