Dutch producers team up to turn around constant negative press

08-09-2011 | |

Weary of all negative press, Dutch pig producers have organised themselves to get the word out that pig production ought to be perceived as a positive phenomenon.

The Dutch pig producers feel that special or good features of the industry hardly or rarely make it to the conventional media. The general feeling is that more and more they are portrayed as animal torturers and polluters rather than valuable contributors to the feed-to-food chain.

Earlier this week around 500 pig industry people gathered in the town of Boekel to agree on a strategy – and they founded the foundation ‘Varkens Vandaag’ – meaning ‘Pigs Today’. The foundation, which has a strong basis as it originated at the pig producers themselves, has already raised about €50,000 to set up publicity actions.

In addition, ten people came up with ideas for communication plans.

Coincidentally, Pig Progress editor Vincent ter Beek addressed this same subject in his presentation at the Bio-Business event in Brussels, earlier this week. A summary of this presentation on pig production and the media can be found here.

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