Dutch prepare creation of national AI coop

04-10-2007 | |

Several Dutch artificial insemination (AI) cooperatives are currently discussing the creation of one Dutch national cooperative, Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

The day the Dutch AI cooperatives – Varkens Activiteiten Centrum (VAC) and the Pigture Group – announced their intention to merge, it was revealed that discussions are being held with two other cooperatives Varkens KI Limburg and Varkens KI Twenthe, to create one national cooperative.

In the 1980s, a first attempt was made to create a national cooperative. In those days, however, differences in approach between AI cooperatives in the north and the south of the Netherlands prevented the creation of a national organisation.

The merger between VAC and the Pigture Group would create the Netherlands’ biggest AI cooperative, yielding almost 2.8 million doses of semen each year.

The reason for the merger is to increase production efficiency and semen distribution. A decrease in semen prices is also expected.

A second reason is that the new organisation hopes to be better prepared to meet the demand for semen with a high health status.

Thirdly, the organisation hopes to be better in providing service to the market.

Topigs, a worldwide player on the AI market, is a subsidiary of the Pigture Group.

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