Dutch pork exports down 14% in 2009

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Pork exports have this year shrunk by 14% in comparison to 2008, the Dutch agricultural newspaper Agrarisch Dagblad reports.

Figures from the Dutch Product Board for Livestock and Meat (PVV) showed that until July 17, the Netherlands had exported 416,138 tonnes of pork – in that same period one year earlier, 485,138 tonnes were shipped.

UK, Italy, Germany

Especially exports to the UK, Italy and Germany have shrunk. Exports to Britain dropped over 13% to 93,406 tonnes; exports to Italy by 20% to 65,348 tonnes and exports to Germany by about 8% to 63,721 tonnes. Exports to other countries decreased by 21% to 113,844 tonnes.

The British product board for meat claims exports have been lower due to a lack of demand. Average export prices, however, showed a 4% year-on-year increase.


The stronget decrease, however, could be seen in the exports to Spain – dropping by 62% to 3,365 tonnes. Spain is a relatively minor destination for Dutch pork. France shows a different tendency with a 14% growth of 21,870 tonnes.

Live pigs
Dutch exports of piglets and finishers has also shown a year-on-year increase. Most piglets are shipped to Germany, just as the finishers – over 80%.


The number of pigs slaughtered in the Netherlands was 7.5% lower than one year before. “Slaughtering pigs in Germany may be more worthwhile under specific circumstances. Is its essential to continue calculating,” Holland’s number one slaughterhouse Vion commented.

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