Dutch pigs die when shipped to Spain

06-08-2007 | |

A row has broken out in the Netherlands over standards of animal welfare in the transport of live pigs to Spain.

Representatives of two animal rights organisations followed a road shipment of 972 piglets to Spain. During the journey, they claim, the animals received no water or food and were too closely crowded together. At their destination, 13 of the piglets were dead, and many others were weak.

Who’s fault?

The campaigners have lodged a complaint with the Dutch General Inspection Service (AID) over abuses in the transport of pigs.
However, the owner of the pigs has rejected the accusations and is reported to be considering legal action against the animal rights groups. The producer is blaming them for the deaths of the 13 piglets. It says they suffered stress when the campaigners climbed onto the vehicles and put their hands inside during breaks in the journey.

(Source: www.AgriHolland.nl)

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