Dutch piglet exports grow 14%

12-10-2006 | |

Dutch piglet exports have increased sharply in the first nine months of 2006 – 14% more piglets were exported than in the same period last year.

Figures by the Dutch Board for Livestock and Meat (PVE) show that up until now, almost 3.4 million piglets have been exported, in comparison to 3 million last year.
Spain and Italy
Especially in Spain and Italy more Dutch piglets were bought than one year before. Exports to Spain grew by 61% to 740,000 head, Italy bought 257,000 head (up 34%). More piglets also went to Hungary, Croatia, Romania and Slovakia.
Most of the piglets still go to Germany (1.4 million head), although exports decreased by 6%. Exports to Poland dropped by over 25%.
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