Dutch Parliament debate about animal husbandry

01-12-2006 | |

In the Netherlands, Parliament has been told to have a debate about the end of animal husbandry.

The Dutch Parliament was compelled to do so by an initiative by an action group called ‘Friends of the Earth’. The group managed to collect a sufficient amount of signatures to put up the so-called citizen initiative.

A spokesman of Friends of the Earth said about 75,000 people signed for the initiative, whereas only 40,000 are required. More were to be expected, he said.


The group plans to offer its initiative to Dutch Parliament shortly after Christmas; then Parliament will judge whether the proposal meets its requirements.

The group hopes to push animal husbandry in ‘a more durable direction’. Campaign leader Wouter van Eck said, “It’s about improving animal welfare. The Netherlands should be among the first in this respect.” Sweden and the UK are good examples, in his view.

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