Dutch artists present pig toys

20-06-2007 | |

Five Dutch artists presented newly invented pig toys in a desiging contest today in the practical farm of Wageningen University’s Animal Science Group in Raalte, the Netherlands.

Musician Eva Meijer invented the ‘magical ball’, containing of different layers each having a different taste or smell. “Pigs like destroying and they love to chew on things,” she motivated her choice.

Artist Irma Horstman produced a chain with edible rings in various shapes and colours.

In addition, a pig seesaw called Piggy Wiggy was introduced. On this device, pigs can walk in their search for food.

Artist Sharon Geschiere introduced a wall containing elements that will intrigue the pigs’ feeling senses.

Last but not least, a pig roulette was introduced.

The contest was organised with a view on new legislation.

Following European legislation, as from July 1st, 2007, pig producers in the Netherlands are compelled to offer some entertainment for their pigs.

This decision was made because the animals could seriously harm each other when they get bored.

In order to be shown today, the new pig toys were required to be interesting for pigs, not very labour intensive and usable for more than one hog.

Several manufacturing companies have showed an interest in the newly presented art objects.

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