Dry feeding system for 15,000 weaning piglets

27-04-2009 | |

German company, Weda have completed an ambitious project of installing a state-of-the-art dry feeding system for 14,400 weaning piglets.

The installed dry feeding system differs from known standard units by numerous technological features within the segment of dry feeding.

Here, we have a unit with a multi-phase feeding where 2 mixers are operating parallel to one another. The Weda DryComp-Feeder System is operating here with a 10 g exact dissolution, resp. weighing of the used feed components. Each mixer can be charged with a feed selection of up to seven different feed components. The specially manufactured mixing containers TM 100 are able to operate individually and can deal with more than 100 kg of feed per mixing unit. Frequency regulated charging ensures an extremely exact dosification which is supported by the 10g weighing.

The computer controlled feeding time regulation allows for a reliable feeding management in all phases of growth of the piglets. The unit serves 4 feeding lines in parallel. Dosification takes place automatically and individually, activating more than 280 hydro pneumatic valves.

Due to this technology, the unit operator is able to feed out the feed components required by the animals and to do this in keeping with the needs of piglets during raising; he is able to carry this out under consideration of the animals’ wellbeing and development.

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