Drop in Thai pork prices expected

09-08-2007 | |
Drop in Thai pork prices expected

Prices for local pork in Thailand are expected to decrease slightly, says Surachai Suttitham, president of the Thailand Swine Raisers Association.

The increase in local pork prices recently hit their highest level (46 baht per kg; €1.11), after a coordinated campaign to promote pork consumption.

Prior to that, prices were very low (28 baht/kg, approximately €0.68) in late 2006 and the beginning of 2007.

Buddist Lent
The decrease is connected to a relatively low number of public festivals scheduled during the current three-month Buddhist Lent period.

Suttitham’s association advises local farmers to avoid the temptation to raise more pigs in order to enjoy current high prices.

It would be better, he says, to wait for the situation to become more stable, as nowadays the industry is still troubled by high food costs.

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