Drop in EU pork exports

10-04-2007 | |

The European Union (EU) saw a decrease in pork exports to third countries outside the EU in the first month of 2007.

Altogether in January 128,569 tonne of pork was shipped outside the EU, a 3% decerase than in January 2006.

These figures were made public by the European Commission.

Denmark is Europe’s biggest exporter of pigmeat to countries outside the EU. This country saw its exports decrease by 5.5% in comparison to January 2006.

Germany, the EU’s second exporter to countries outside the EU, saw exports rise by 21.3%.

Difficult year
Due to the decrease in pork exports to third countries, the European Commission predicts that 2007 will be a difficult year for the pig sector.

Export problems with Russia persist; in addition, EU pork consumption is rather low.

According to the Commission, the meat is yielding about 10% less than usual, but pig producers pay way more for feeding costs.

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