Double launch for Biomin at VIV Asia

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Double launch for Biomin at VIV Asia

One day prior to VIV Asia in Bangkok, Austrian feed additive company Biomin officially launched two new products today in the Thai capital, writes Pig Progress Editor Vincent ter Beek.

First of all, Bangkok saw the global launch of Mycofix Secure, the newest addition to the company’s Mycofix range of products to counter mycotoxin problems. Focusing on commercial broilers, growing and finishing pigs, dairy cows and aqua species, the new product is solely a mycotoxin-binder, only usable if aflatoxins, FUM or Ergot are present in the feed, predominantly in tropical areas.

Earlier launched products in the same range include countermeasures to a broader range of mycotoxins at the same time, making these products complex. Several years of research were conducted before the binder, a more economical solution,©was launched.

Based on activated bentonite, the new product will bind in-feed mycotoxins when the feed is being digested by the animal. This way, otherwise harmless mycotoxins are excreted without creating damage.

The product PoultryStar saw already its soft launch at the IPE in Atlanta, in January this year. Asia is now introduced to this multi-strain probiotic, and it is hoped that registration in Europe will be finished by the end of this year.

The probiotic is aimed at creating a better microflora in young birds and newly hatched chicks, to protect them against colonisation by harmful bacteria.

VIV Asia is held in Bangkok’s BITEC centre, 11-13 March 2009.

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