Diamond design to guarantee hygiene in liquid feeding tanks

25-04-2012 | |
Diamond design to guarantee hygiene in liquid feeding tanks

Austrian equipment manufacturer Schauer Agrotronic recently launched Easy Diamond, a feeding tank concept which enables the best possible hygiene inside.

The tank is consequently avoiding bad corners, as all 90 degree corners were avoided and replaced with 45 degree corners.  Consequently the water can be sprayed  with high-angle to the surface of the tank. This increases the impact of cleaning efficiency.
Additionally, the pressure of cleaning water can be (new construction) optionally increased by pump up to 10 bar. The standard solution is to use the standard water pressure. The tank can be finally assembled at the farm but shipped and transported in parts. This reduces the shipping space and enables the movement of the parts also into existing feeding kithchen through standard doors.
Easy Diamond was the result of a ‘funcional design project’ supported by Austrian government and was first time presented to the market at EuroTier 2010.
Easy Ozone
The Austrian company has had a 35 years experience with computer controlled feeding systems.
Another example of the company’s involvement in liquid feeding is the introduction of Easy Ozone, for disinfection of the tank surface, an innovation which has been approved over five years ago.
In fact, with a small ozone genarator (O2 to O3) is produced and sprayed together with acid into the feeding tank. Ozone is highly efficiant against bacteria while acid (Propion-acid, ant-acid, …) is highly effient against yeast. Disinfection is controlled by the computer and starts several times a day after feeding blocks.
Both concepts be shown at EuroTier 2012, 13-16 November.
The company reports that especially in Eastern Europe, where large pig complex projects are being built, the demand for liquid feeding has increased. The company reported a demand growth to pig equipment both in Europe and globally since the previous issue of EuroTier.

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