Denmark shocked by pig transports

04-04-2007 | |

Danish pig exports were halted for 24 hours this week as allegations about pigs being transported in very bad animal health conditions have shocked the country.

Peter Gæmelke, chairman of the Danish Farmers’ Union and president of the Danish Agricultural Council, called for a 24-hour stop for all transport of live pigs after two revelations on bad animal welfare conditions were made public last week.

He called the incidents ‘completely unacceptable’.

Last week, Danish media broadcaster DR reported on pigs being transported to Latvia and Belarus without food and water; moreover they were said to have been subject to physical abuse.

In addition, it was revealed that the company in question had lost its right to export due to previous animal welfare issues. However, it simply obtained a Polish permit to get around this problem.

These revelations already caused an immediate Danish ban on live pig exports out of the EU.

Last weekend, another programme reported on pigs having died on their way to Russia as a consequence of a lack of feed, water and straw bedding.

Reactions were fierce everywhere. The European Commission spoke out against Danish companies that have been flagged up for violating European Union legislation during transports.

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