Denmark proposes levies on exported pigs

23-12-2008 | |

The Danish slaughter workers’ union NNF, has recommended imposing levies on Danish finished pigs slaughtered in Germany in an effort to avoid further closures of Danish pig slaughter and processing companies.

Earlier this year 1 600 abattoir staff were fired at Danish Crown, prompting the union to express concerns about future job prospects for Danish workers.

Over recent years live pig exports, particularly to Germany, have grown to over 6 million head, thus reducing potential pig slaughterings and labour opportunities in Denmark.

NNF chairman, Ole Wehlast, has demanded governmental action, calling on the political system to make exports of live pigs to Germany a less attractive option. Meanwhile, Jens Kirk, Food Spokesperson for the liberal political party ‘Venestre’, commented that such a policy would be against the EU principle of free trade.

However, he did confess that it was important to accelerate the pig production industry’s possibility of expansion, which “has been hindered by delayed regional environmental expansion approval”.