Denmark: maximum of 24 hours for transports

26-04-2007 | |
Denmark: maximum of 24 hours for transports

The Danish pig sector is willing to restrict pig journeys to a maximum of 24 hours.

Director Hans Aarestrup of the Danish Pig Producers (Danske Svine Produceneter, DSP) said his organisation is willing to discuss these guidelines with the Danish authorities.

Television programmes
Recently Danish television programmes revealed that pigs were suffering from very bad conditions on transports.

Physical abuse, lack of water and straw bedding and sometimes even dead pigs were found to occur on some Danish transports to e.g. Latvia, Belarus or Russia.

Under pressure of the public opinion the Danish government now has proposed to reduce maximum transportation journeys to eight hours – whereas in Europe 24 hours is permitted.

After these 24 hours, the animals need a rest of 24 hours before the journey can be continued.

Aarestrup thinks the consequences for the Danish pig sector will be restricted when the maximum transporting time is 24 hours.

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