Denmark fears Russian food boycot

29-11-2006 | |
Denmark fears Russian food boycot

Danish agriculture feels that the Russian threat to introduce a total stop to the imports of foods and dairy products from EU might pose a threat to export.

Russia announced this move last week, anxious to see Bulgaria’s and Romania’s entry to the EU as from January 1st as they claim that could cause animal diseases or risky foods to spread to Russia.

If Russia carries out the threats it will primarily hurt the Danish slaughter plants and thousands of Danish pig producers.

Largest exporter

Denmark is today EU’s largest exporter of pork to the Russian market and the sales to the Russians have increased explosively.

Almost one in five imported Russian pork products in the first half-year 2006 originated from Danish pigs. In total, Danish pork exports in the first eight months were worth €188 million.

Gradual introduction

EU rules however regulate Romania and Bulgaria’s gradual introduction to the EU’s single market. This means animals and foods will not be exported to EU until the two countries meet the EU standards.

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