Delacon appoints new area sales manager Latin America

12-12-2014 | |
Delacon appoints new area sales manager Latin America

Delacon has appointed Arturo Fernandez as the new area sales manager Latin America.

Centrally located in Costa Rica, Arturo Fernandez will be responsible for Sales in the entire Latin American area – from Argentina to Mexico, except Brazil. His mission is to create an extensive distributor network in the Latin American area, in addition to Mexico and Brazil.

“Our clear intension is to have, in each Latin American country, business partners who will promote Delacon’s product to replace antibiotic growth promoters in the near future”, explains Arturo Fernandez and continues: “My business view has always been oriented to helping the livestock producers by giving them my honest advise and the technical tools to improve their business and to grow steadily. With Delacon I am sure I will be able to do this and help the producers of my region to jump into the future naturally. We will shortly be able to put Delacon in a privileged position and be recognized as a leading player in Latin America.”

Recently, Arturo Fernandez served as Sales and Feed Mill Manager for Grupo RZ in Costa Rica. Thanks to his different job positions at feed additive manufacturers or distributors, he has more than 30 years of experience in sales within Central American feed industry. Arturo Fernandez holds a Master’s degree in Dairy Science from Louisiana State University USA.

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