DEFRA approve new pig sanitisation product

18-03-2009 | |

Following DEFRA approval, Saniblanc® D a lime-based sanitisation product is being launched into the pig maket.

The product manufactured by Lhoist UK can be used in the fight against salmonella and many other bacterial infections, including Coccodiosis and Brachyspira.

Saniblanc® D is a dry, disinfectant powder especially designed for disinfection for both indoor and outdoor applications. Being a natural, chemical-free product it is ideal for use outside without any risk of ground pollution. Its launch into the UK market follows its successful listing on the DEFRA register of approved disinfectants. It is the first exterior disinfectant solution which actually improves ground quality at the same time as it disinfects and is extremely cost effective.

The manufacturers claim that regular use of Saniblanc® D has shown to be an effective method of maintaining excellent hygiene standards in both indoors and outdoors, areas notoriously difficult to keep clean and pathogen free. Used as part of the farmer’s regular hygiene program it has the ability to kill infections and provide an effective defence against re-infection.

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