Deep-red figures for breeders in Mid-Europe

11-07-2008 | |

The German organisation of pig producers ISN has sent out a desperate message, talking about ‘swine prices misery’ and ‘deep-red figures’. According to ISN, feed and energy prices have doubled in the last 12 months.

Especially for breeding companies in Middle-Europe the situation is worrying, even fatal, said ISN chairman Franz Meyer zu Holte, as prices paid for pigs and piglets are nowhere near break-even at the moment.

“Breeders in Middle Europe lost about €2.5 billion capital money in the last year”. In the meantime, another €1 billion can be added to that amount, according to ISN.

The ISN added, “On one hand, we’d like to provide high-quality pork against competitive prices for our consumers, but on the other hand we see deep-red figures”.

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