Dealing with seasonal infertility in pigs

28-01-2011 | |
Dealing with seasonal infertility in pigs

Although eliminating the costly problem of seasonal infertility in pigs is probably beyond us, considerable research, supported by Australia’s Pork Cooperative Research Centre (CRC), has been pulled together into how best to combat it, how producers can recognise the major risk factors and what steps they can take to minimise its impact.

Professor Paul Hughes of SARDI and Dr William van Wettere of  The University of Adelaide have summarised the latest information on the what, why and how of seasonal infertility and its effect on fertility and fecundity.
Titled ‘Seasonal Infertility in Pigs’, the compact, informative six page brochure can be downloaded from the Pork CRC’s website here.  
With seasonal infertility manifested by pigs struggling with coming into heat and exhibiting higher rates of early pregnancy failure, typically in summer and early autumn, now is the time to seek out answers and perhaps implement some Pork CRC supported research to better deal with seasonal infertility issues.
Source: Pork CRC