DDGS popular with US pig farmers

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More than a third of US cattle and pig operations feed ethanol co-products to their animals, according to a survey done by the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS).

The survey included 9,000 Midwestern farmers and found that in 2006 ethanol by products were fed to livestock at 38% of dairy operations, 36% of cattle-on-feed operations, 13% of beef cattle operations, and 12% of pig operations.

Value of DDGS
“These numbers are not really surprising. A lot of distiller dried grains (DDGS) are being produced, and they have excellent feed value. It is still good to see the facts back up corn growers’ assertion that we can and will meet the needs of the livestock industry even with the rapid expansion of ethanol production,” said Wendell Shauman, Illinois Corn Marketing Board (ICMB) chairman of Kirkwood.

More research

“The ICMB remains very aware how important the pig industry is to Illinois; so we are committed to advancing aggressive research and education programs to make DDGS as functional and valuable to the pork industry as it currently is to beef and dairy sectors of our industry,” Shauman said.

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