David Byrne awarded with Alltech Medal of Excellence

19-03-2009 | |

Alltech has announced that Dr. David Byrne will be the recipient of the 2009 Medal of Excellence to be presented at Alltech’s 25th International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium taking place in Lexington, Kentucky, USA from the 17th to the 20th May 2009.

Dr. Byrne will be honoured for his commitment to food safety, including his revolutionary reform of the European Union’s safety systems during his tenure as European Commissioner for Health and Consumer Protection.

Dr. Byrne currently serves as non-executive director of Alltech. As part of this role, Dr. Byrne is a member of Alltech’s Risk Overview Committee (ROC) where he works to ensure that the company has effective and efficient risk management structures in place.

Dr. David Byrne will also take part in the Symposium Plenary Session where he will discuss Crisis Management in today’s environment and will challenge our industry to meet, what he calls, the ‘PACE Principle’, i.e. to achieve long-term profitability while continuing to be conscious of animal welfare, responsive to consumer needs and environmentally friendly.

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