Danish piglet imports to Holland grew fivefold

04-01-2010 | |

Imports of Danish piglets to the Netherlands have grown fivefold throughout 2009. These figures were published by the Dutch Production Board for Livestock and Meat.

In the publication, figures of 2009 were compared to those of 2008. Total numbers grew to approximately 75,000.

Positive technical results
Importer Jos Gommers, Danish Breeding Holland, explained the sudden interest in Danish piglets by the positive technical results shown in the German Warentest by Haus Düsse (see related article below).

The tendency in the last three months of 2009, however, shows a different picture as in these months, imports did not grow further. Gommers said this was related to the more expensive prices for piglets from Denmark at the moment, as price differences between Dutch and Danish piglets amount to net €6-€7/piglet.

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