Danish pig exports increase

15-12-2006 | |

According to Danske Slagterier’s pig breeding SEA (Salgs- og Eksport for Avlssvin) reports, exports have increased 30% in the accounts year 2005-06, rising to 48,500 breeding pigs from 37,500 in 2004-05.

Sales in 2005-06 increased to the traditional markets, including Germany, Belgium and Italy. Growth was also recorded to Eastern European markets, with Russia topping the list.

Thomas Henriksen, SEA director, said the increases were a result  of increasing globalisation and the high breeding quality of Danish pig breeding. “Our buyers are looking for top breeding quality…SEA’s goal is to become the multiplier herd for Europe, as the market is huge,” adding that SEA to be able to attain annual export growth of 10% in the coming years.

Danish breeding pig exports:
2005/06  –  48 500
2004/05  –  37 500
2003/04  –  32 500
2002/03  –  31 500
2001/02  –  30 600
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