Danish organic pig farmers fear stench law

03-08-2006 | |

The Danish Animal Protection Agency and the National Association of Organic Farmers are worried about a proposed law regulating pig smell from farms.

Both fear the the consequences will be disastrous for Denmark’s biological pig producers.

The bill aims at enhancing the environment around pig production sites by requiring a minimum distance between the farm and neighbours. For pigs, being able to roam free, the distance must be 100 metres.

A spokesman of the Animal Protection Agency called the proposal ‘poorly thought out.’ “The problem is that farmers who have organic pigs have small farms. If they have to keep their pigs 100 metres from their neighbours, there would be little more than a postage stamp left for the animals.”

Political parties have reacted in different ways to the APP comments. The Liberal Party was willing to reconsider the bill, whereas the People’s Party rather would like to make the rules even more strict than has been proposed so far.

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