Danish Crown’s Tender Pork heads for the Netherlands

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Danish Crown’s Tender Pork  heads for the Netherlands

Danish Crown, one of the largest pig slaugterhouses in Europe, aims to make its Tender Pork product available to Dutch butchers. Jakob Sogaard, responsible for Benelux sales, has stated that the first results in the Netherlands have shown strong promise.

Tender Pork is characteristic of an injection of marinade into the meat, which results in a juicy and soft product. Simple marinades usually penetrate into 30% of the flesh, however, injection marinades allows the flavors to reach deeper into the meat. These injection marinades have  the same characteristics as ordinary marinades, but gives meat added flavour and makes it more succulent and tender.
Groenveld Vlees, an importer/wholesaler of fresh and frozen meat for the past 40 years,  situated in the Dutch town of Nieuw-Vennep, has teamed up with Danish Crown in order to make the product available. In the last quarter of 2010, three tonnes of the pork product had already been delivered.
“An attractive meat product, which will be lucrative without too much work”, added Sogaard. “Especially in the foodservice and butcher shops where labour costs are high and time is scarce.”
Danish Crown’s production facility sees 2,000 tonnes  of the meat product  per year being delivered to 60% of the foodservice market in Denmark. In Sweden the demand is growing.
The Tender Pork marinade contains water, salt, modified corn starch, sugar, potatoes flavouring and sodium ascorbate. The water and the starches are a sponge to hold all the juices. Sodium is an antioxidant that prevents rancidity and colour retention. The meat retains the special flavour and tenderness even after re-warming.
There are 40 different Tender Pork Products, and when frozen the meat can last for  nine months.
Source: Foodholland.nl

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