Danish Crown’s chairman of the board of directors hands over the reins

01-12-2011 | |

After 25 years, Chairman of the Board of Directors Niels Mikkelsen has decided to hand over the reins of the international food group to the next generation.

Niels Mikkelsen has been a notable personality in agri-political circles for more than 25 years, the past 16 of them as Chairman of both Danish Crown and Vestjyske Slagterier.

He has thus sat at the head of the table when major decisions needed to be made in a company which, during his time at the helm, has moved from being a sizeable slaughterhouse to becoming one of Europe’s leading food companies.

Over the years, Niels Mikkelsen has been a driving force in the process of ensuring that political organisations adapt to changes in the world which they represent, while more recently he has been pivotal in gearing Danish Crown for the future as a limited company.

The departing chairman has devoted himself to improving the framework conditions for Danish primary production, and for the past two years he has presented solid results to the group’s owners.

”Today, Danish Crown is a robust business. Our international competitiveness is the strongest ever, and after 25 years in the chair it is an appropriate time for me to hand over the role to someone else,” says Niels Mikkelsen.

It is not without sadness that the group is saying goodbye to a strong and upright person whose insights and unwavering professionalism have enabled him to manoeuvre successfully in the political environment, and who today commands considerable respect in both Danish and international business circles.

”It is a natural generational change we are seeing, but there is no doubt that Danish Crown, our business associates in Denmark and abroad and I personally will miss Niels Mikkelsen as a highly knowledgeable business partner,” says Danish Crown’s CEO Kjeld Johannesen.

Following Niels Mikkelsen’s decision, a unanimous Board of Directors has named the current Deputy Chairman Erik Bredholt as his successor. However, the formal appointment will not take place until 22 December in conjunction with this year’s elections.

Source: Danish Crown

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