Danish Crown to close department in Hadsund

10-04-2012 | |

Danish Crown’s department in Hadsund will close down before the end of September 2012.

Production will be moved to other Danish Crown facilities, which will affect approx. 110 employees in Hadsund.

The decision to move production from the relatively old Hadsund facility was made as far back as December 2010.

For the past eighteen months, a number of models have been considered – for example moving production to the empty factory in Sdr. Borup. However, it has not been possible to agree pay terms which will ensure competitive production in the long term at a new factory.

Consequently, the decision has now been finalised, which means that the production of speciality products, which is the core activity in Hadsund, will be moved to other departments.

”This also means that some of the jobs will remain in Denmark as large parts of production will be moved to primarily Ringsted and Herning. However, part of production will be transferred to our German departments,” says Production Manager in Danish Crown Søren F. Eriksen, who emphasises that in so far as is possible, the employees in Hadsund will be offered employment at other Danish Crown departments.

The decision also means that the future of the closed down Tulip facility in Sdr. Borup has yet to be decided.

”The building is strategically well‐sited, and we will now look into other possible uses within the group. But at the right price, the building may also simply be sold,” says Søren F. Eriksen.


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