Danish Crown takes on 150 new employees

08-02-2011 | |

Danish Crown is receiving increasing numbers of pigs for slaughter from Danish farmers. This means that the company is now welcoming 150 new employees in Denmark.

Last summer, Danish Crown started reaping the benefits of DC Future in earnest with about one million more pigs being delivered for slaughter, which helped safeguard just over 400 Danish jobs.

The positive trend is continuing, and Danish Crown has recently seen an influx of new cooperative owners, among other things thanks to the competitive prices offered by the group.

In the near future, Danish Crown will therefore be taking on 150 new employees at slaughterhouses and deboning facilities across Denmark.

”We are currently seeing an increase in demand from several of our export markets, including Korea. This confirms that Danish Crown is maintaining its position as a competitive slaughterhouse business,” says Kjeld Johannesen, CEO of Danish Crown.

Lower slaughter weight due to higher feed prices
Higher feed prices mean that pig producers want to reduce the slaughter weight. At the moment, this is also adding to the pressure on facilities. This is happening in a situation where many suppliers are having to wait to have their pigs collected for slaughter following the Christmas and New Year bank holidays and also because of the challenging road conditions caused by the wintry weather.

”Creating the new jobs is therefore also a sign that we are doing our utmost to catch up on the backlog of pigs awaiting slaughter, says Vagner Bøge, deputy chief executive of DC Owner Relations.

Source: Danish Crown