Danish crown reduces CO2 emission per pig

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Danish crown reduces CO2 emission per pig

Climate has been on Danish Crown’s environmental agenda for many years. A new climate change strategy means that the group is obliged to continue the work for reduction of emission of greenhouse gasses in the production, says Charlotte Thy, Environmental Manager.

CO2 objectives
Through specific projects we managed to reduce the group’s CO2 emission by 29% per pig since 1988. Among other things optimising cooling equipment and heat recovery have contributed to reduce the heating and electricity consumption and in this way the CO2 emission.

Despite the fact that we are continuously being met with increasing demands from veterinarians towards using more hot water and cooling in connection with food safety. It requires a focused effort to continue reduction of the energy consumption, says Thy.

Energy consumption budget
All production locations of Danish Crown have water and energy groups working on projects for reduction of consumption. Furthermore each production location has had an energy consumption budget for more than 20 years which the site managers are being held responsible for. The various locations’ water and energy groups are working together on these projects and in this way sharing experiences between factories making optimisations all over the country.

Danish Crown’s long-time experience in this area means that the company’s focus on climate and environment is also an evidence of financial responsibility.

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