Danish Crown: plans to buy Swedish abattoir

20-08-2007 | |

Danish Crown has announced plans to acquire Swedish Ugglarps Slakteri AB, consisting of a pig slaughterhouse and a processing factory.

Ugglarps Slakteri AB is one of the largest companies in the Swedish pigmeat industry.

The processing company slaughters 175,000 animals on a yearly basis on its slaugthering facility in Ugglarps, South Sweden and also owns a meat processing plant near the city of Malmö.

Last year, Ugglarps Slakteri had a turnover of €85 million. The Ugglarps pig slaughterhouse employs approximately 170 persons.

Development opportunities
“We have for a long time been screening the development opportunities on the Swedish market with a view to strengthening our sales through local presence,” said Danish Crown CEO Kjeld Johannesen.

“We believe that the Swedish farmers will be interested in a cooperation with the combination of a local and global company constituted by Danish Crown and Ugglarps,” he added.

The takeover of the Ugglarps activities will take place later this year when the due diligence process has been completed and necessary approvals are available.

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