Danish Crown lets 500 employees go

13-10-2011 | |

Danish Crown says goodbye to 500 employees in Denmark.The reason is surplus capacity at a number of departments because fewer pigs are currently being sent for slaughter than anticipated.

Of the 500 employees, half are holiday relief workers who were originally employed in connection with the summer holidays, so in reality the dismissals will affect 250 employees.

Obliged to react
”A situation like this is always regrettable because it inevitably has an impact on people’s lives. However, it is the only responsible thing to do in order to maintain a healthy balance between the number of hands and the amount of work. If we don’t react immediately to changing capacity needs, we would have to dismiss many more people in the long term because our competitiveness would suffer,” says Danish Crown’s technical director Søren F. Eriksen.

High labour costs continue to pose a major challenge for the company, which explains the continued strong focus on capacity.

In the past year, Danish Crown has regularly taken on new employees, but now the trend is unfortunately reversed.