Danish Crown joins United Nations’ Global Compact initiative

11-03-2011 | |

Danish Crown has decided to join the United Nations’ Global Compact initiative which comprises a large number of guidelines within the areas of human rights, labour, freedom of association and environment.

”Danish Crown is an international business with divisions and undertakings worldwide. This means that both cultural and legislative differences are part of our daily lives, but it also means that we are able to draw on experiences from many different countries. Joining Global Compact is our way of ensuring that we are working from the same platform,” says Danish Crown’s CFO, Preben Sunke.

Global Compact should be perceived as a common denominator, and national legislation or traditions in some countries currently lead to deviations from the joint guidelines. For this reason, the Global Compact initiative will provide a good starting point for further developing Danish Crown’s CSR profile.

”It goes without saying that pay levels, union membership take-up, environmental standards and social responsibility vary from one country to the next. Denmark has come a long way in some areas, whereas in others we can certainly learn from other countries. Knowing about the situation in various countries is clearly an advantage,” says Preben Sunke.

In connection with its annual report for 2009/10, Danish Crown presented a CSR policy for the group, which will both guide and lift the group’s CSR activities in the coming years.

Danish Crown will in the near future prepare detailed guidelines for all its CSR areas.

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