Danish Crown cuts pork processing capacity

19-05-2008 | |

Danish Crown has reduced its slaughterhouse capacity by a total of 30% in these weeks to adjust to the strongly lowered supply of finishers.

Last week, the company reduced its processing capacity by 10% and it will reduce its capacity with a further 20% in the next week.

Danish Crown said it is only a temporary measure. The company expects supplies to grow again in the near future. Despite that, Danish Crown admitted that the readjustment reflects that downward tendency throughout Danish pig production.

This spring, the total Danish pig herd was about 10% smaller than last year – signs of a long-lasting and deep crisis in the pig industry, according to market analysts.

A Danish Meat Association spokesman added that consequences of reduced supplies will be felt extra strongly when warm weather continues, causing pigs to grow less fast. In addition, hopes of better pigmeat prices in the near future causes producers to wait longer before sending their pigs to slaughter. A lot of take-overs are taking place at the moment.

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