Danisco opens new office in Eastern China

11-04-2008 | |

Thursday’s inauguration of Danisco Shanghai Center gives Danisco a strategic position in one of the world’s biggest centres of growth, Eastern China.

The new centre will combine sales and application laboratories for the entire group as well as research facilities for its enzyme division Genencor. This USD5m investment will employ around 100 employees in 5,600 square metres, and reflects the group’s intent to satisfy the needs of this fast-growing market for all of its businesses.

‘I’m extremely pleased that we have now consolidated Danisco’s expertise in Shanghai in one single spot. The centre will serve as an important springboard for our company’s growth in China and the nearby region,’ says Tom Knutzen, CEO of Danisco.

Two key aspects of the new centre located in Hongqiao International Business Park is the opportunity to work directly with the customers in our application laboratories, and that Danisco consolidates its enzyme research activities in Asia through its enzyme division, Genencor.

Genencor is already strongly represented in China through its renovated manufacturing and applications facilities in Wuxi, outside Shanghai. ‘Our similar centres in Singapore and France are a great success of how we as a group can deliver dedicated and tailor-made solutions to our regional customers, while minimising costs. It therefore felt natural to follow up on our success by establishing a centre in booming Shanghai, where many of our customers are located,’ says Tom Knutzen.

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